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Tommy Bahama Men's 100% Silk Beige Pleated Casual Relax Shorts Size 38
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Men's Tommy Bahama Relax Khaki Shorts 100% Silk Size 35
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Mens TOMMY BAHAMA Relax 100% Linen Plaid Shorts Size 38 NEAR MINT!
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TOMMY BAHAMA RELAX Mens Linen Shorts Size 36 Long Inseam Blue Stripes EUC
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Men Tommy Bahama Relax Fit Shorts W36 EUC Tencel/Cotton Textured
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TOMMY BAHAMA Mens 100% Silk Relax Double Pleated Bermuda Shorts Beige Size 35
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Tommy Bahama Relax Mens Size 40 Khaki Cargo Shorts!
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TOMMY BAHAMA RELAX Mens SILK Shorts Size 50R Pleated Front Beige
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Men's Tommy Bahama Relax Linen Casual Walking Golf Fishing Shorts / US Size 36
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Years of preparation help Alex Sharp play role of a lifetime

NEW YORK | Now that he’s a Tony nominee for Best Actor in a Play, Alex Sharp has read plenty of “overnight success” stories that have included his name. It’s not that simple, the 26-year-old star of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” insists. Every day, I’ve done something in the last 19 years that has contributed to making that dream come true. I’ve read so many books, done so many plays and so many musicals that it doesn’t seems that I’m that much of a rock star. Sure, Sharp was cast in the role – that of a 15-year-old math genius who may have Asperger’s syndrome – before he graduated from the Juilliard School last May. “It’s not like a one-week job,” he says of the part. I trained (at Juilliard) for four years and I spent a decade doing so many different things. There were a lot of drama schools in England that I didn’t get into, lots of parts I didn’t get. “To be honest,” Sharp says, “I thought I was going to be unemployed for like a decade – doing other kinds of jobs to support myself while I continued acting. Before he even enrolled in drama school, the London-born Sharp renovated houses (“I’ve always been sort of handy. It’s relaxing”) and did a number of odd jobs just to see where he might fit in. Juilliard happened and he learned a valuable lesson – “there’s no one way in to a character. There are thousands of ways in. you do whatever you can to find it. ”. While Sharp had read the book when he was a teenager -- and related – he knew he’d have to dig in and learn more about autism to really grasp what the story was all about... “I hung out with young people on the spectrum, imagined what it meant to be on the spectrum and realized there’s a version of me that I could bring to life that would be closer to (the character). “He changes a lot,” Sharp says. But to get to play a character like this is a dream come true. You don’t get that many characters that are this juicy and complex.

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Murder Between the Covers, A Dead-End Job Mystery
288 pages
Murder Between the Covers, A Dead-End Job Mystery

She liked his slightly shaggy blond hair and beard, his subtle brown Tommy Bahama shirt and khaki shorts. He looked cool and relaxed, sitting under a striped umbrella. “How's the Lab?” she asked, kissing him hello. Rich smelled of spicy ...

The Chase, A Novel
320 pages
The Chase, A Novel

He wore Ray-Bans, a Tommy Bahama silk shirt, khaki shorts, and leather flip- flops. Kate was dressed in an H&M tanktop, Gap boyfriend shorts, and Nike running shoes. It was a warm and sunny morning, two days after they'd recruited Joe ...

The Joy of Discovery The Joy of Discovery

“Relaxing sounds like a good idea,” agreed Rosa. “I'm always up for a good flick,” said Del ... The guys ended up in shorts and muscle shirts, except for Benny, who opted for a huge Tommy Bahama T-shirt. The girls also wore shorts. Rosa was ...

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Vineyard Vines Takes Leisurewear to a Colorful Dimension
Vineyard Vines Takes Leisurewear to a Colorful Dimension At a place like, say, Tommy Bahama, there's no tension — those clothes don't even pretend to have a shape. But Vineyard Vines sprinkles a little rigor in its play, a little slovenliness in its luxury. The logo whale seems to be smiling. What's it

A Tale Of Two Tommys: The Very Different, Very American Style of Tommy ...
A Tale Of Two Tommys: The Very Different, Very American Style of Tommy ... 1985. Microsoft unveils Windows, Back to the Future hits big at the box office, and Duran Duran posters hang on the closet doors of 14-year-olds everywhere. What hung inside those closets, however, was a mixed bag of acid washed denim, polo shorts and 

Silk Shirts Are Coming Back, but It Won't Be Like House Party All Over Again
Silk Shirts Are Coming Back, but It Won't Be Like House Party All Over Again The shirt was Tommy Bahama and had a casual dressiness to it that seemed appropriate for the occasion, yet also relaxed, even fun. When I thought further, I realized it wasn't that particular shirt I remembered (there are many, many Tommy Bahama shirts

Go big for Dad on Father's Day
Go big for Dad on Father's Day For something more vigorous, let Dad relax into a deep tissue massage. Sixty minutes on the table with a skilled masseuse is $125. Extend the bliss to 75 minutes for $155, or 90 minutes for $185. Wine and Owner Randy Heinitz says his store is the

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